Stammbaum Der Familien Schwedler und von Schwedler

Family Tree for the Families Schwedler and von Schwedler
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Stammbaum Der Familien Schwedler und von Schwedler
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The Schwedler and von Schwedler families have combined efforts to research, document and provide a method for members of their families to contact each other in this web site.  We also wish to provide the family members as much information that is known about the history and extent of the families.

Ferdinand v. Schwedler - The first family genealogist

Born/Geboren July 9th 1899 - Karlesruhe Germany, Died/Gestorben June 6th 1971


von Schwedler family genealogist: Peter F. von Schwedler.  Schwedler family genealogist: Dr. Ralf Schwedler